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Fashionable Wedding Photography: Roundtable with Claudio Basso on April 17th

April 15, 2009

At this Webinar our speakers, David Fisher & Claudio discuss:

* The importance of understanding the concept of fashion and how it is created
* Making the most of your environment
* Avoiding the “cheesy” image
* What is “Fashion Flair” and how to successfully add that style to your photography

During this Webinar, you have exclusive advantages:
1. Interact one on one with our special speakers. Ask questions & get the answers you need!
2. Automatic Chance to Win one of three Prize Giveaways of the Metz 45 Cl-4 Digital Handle Mount Flash, a value of $474.The 3 winners will be announced at the end of the Webinar, so you must attend the Webinar in its entirety, from beginning until end to qualify for a chance to win.*
3. FREE recorded version on the entire webinar. Within 24 hours of the event, you will automatically receive an email with instructions on how to access the webinar.

Special guest Claudio Basso is renowned from Milan to London, Paris and New York for creating editorial for prestigious magazines such as American and Italian Vogue, New York Woman, French Elle, Vanity and Grazia. The elegance of his work has also contributed to such prominent catalogues as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and Bonwitt Teller. Enriched by twenty something years behind the camera with a unique style that combines sensuality, elegance and sophisticated photography.

*In order to be eligible to win a prize, you must have a valid United States address and a valid email address upon registration.

Note: Webinars are now available by audio podcast via VOIP and a standard phone line. If you attend following the audio podcast online, be sure to have speakers or a headset.

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Keeping Up with History

February 2, 2009

Some of the most powerful members of Obama’s new team, meanwhile, remain blank faces. Honoring their promises of transparency from day one, they graciously allowed Leibovitz to capture them at work for the portfolio, “Enter Obama,” becoming the third successive administration to be immortalized by the photographer in Vanity Fair. With invaluable help from Washington-based V.F. contributors Maureen Orth (who wrote the accompanying text) and Dee Dee Myers, Leibovitz and her nimble crew wound through Obama’s transition office at an extraordinary pace. History, she has found, waits for no man, let alone for a photographer. “We had the economic team”—including Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Peter Orszag, and Christina Romer—“for only a couple of minutes before they were off to the next meeting,” says portfolio co-producer Kathryn MacLeod. “It was an incredible challenge. People, you could tell, had their mind on the huge task that lay before them.” In the end, Leibovitz photographed more than 50 subjects in just over a week. “Everyone was enthusiastic and inspiring,” says co-producer Ron Beinner.

Barack Obama