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Olympus Brings Creative Freedom to the E-450 DSLR

April 8, 2009

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CENTER VALLEY, Pa. – Olympus announces its new entry-level digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera, which is small in size and powerful in creativity. The new E-450 continues the E-400 series’ heritage of a small and portable design, powerful features, and ease of use for any skill level, including first time digital camera users. Thanks to Art Filters pioneered with the E-30 and E-620, the E-450 provides consumers with the creative freedom to capture their images in new fun and exciting ways.

The three Art Filters – Pop Art, Pin Hole and Soft Focus – bring greater creativity and freestyle experimentation to the new E-450. The creative filters were first introduced in Olympus’ E-30 prosumer DSLR earlier this year, and now enable consumers to express themselves and capture it all – limited only by their imagination. The E-450 offers the 10-megapixel imager and other features from the E-420.

The new camera also provides heavyweight technologies, including a bigger, more viewable 2.7-inch LCD and fast consumer-friendly On-Screen Autofocus, Face Detection, Shadow Adjustment Technology and Perfect Shot Preview to get the most out of the Live View experience. Additionally, when it comes to Live View, not all LCDs are created equal. At 2.7-inches, the portable E-450 LCD is large enough for users to compose and review images without squinting. The small camera’s LCD is part of a camera with technologies intelligent enough to take advantage of the Live View photography experience.

Olympus Brings Creative Freedom to the E-450 DSLR


Olympus declares 12 megapixels is enough

March 5, 2009
Akira Watanabe, leader of Olympus

Akira Watanabe, leader of Olympus' SLR planning department

LAS VEGAS–Olympus has declared an end to the megapixel race.

“Twelve megapixels is, I think, enough for covering most applications most customers need,” said Akira Watanabe, manager of Olympus Imaging’s SLR planning department, in an interview here at the Photo Marketing Association (PMA). “We have no intention to compete in the megapixel wars for E-System,” Olympus’ line of SLR cameras, he said.

Instead, Olympus will focus on other characteristics such as dynamic range, color reproduction, and a better ISO range for low-light shooting, he said.

Olympus declares 12 megapixels is enough | Underexposed – CNET News.

Olympus STYLUS-550WP Offers Waterproof Point-Dunk-And-Shoot Fun

January 7, 2009

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., January 7, 2009 – Olympus, the company that introduced shockproof/waterproof cameras to mass consumers in 2006, announces the new STYLUS-550WP. Thanks to waterproofing technology adopted from Olympus’ Stylus® Tough series cameras, the new Stylus waterproof camera is optimized for consumers who want to take stunning images of their aquatic adventures, making it the perfect pool companion.

“In a recent study of consumers considering the purchase of a new digital camera, they overwhelmingly selected weatherproofing as a desired feature,” said Tomoko Matsunaga, product manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “The new STYLUS-550WP camera borrows technology that was originally developed for our Stylus Tough cameras, and meets the needs of those consumers who want to take pictures under water or in the rain without paying for other rugged features they may not need.”

Olympus STYLUS-550WP Offers Waterproof Point-Dunk-And-Shoot Fun

Olympus STYLUS Tough Series Cameras Dare The World To Bring It On!

January 7, 2009

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., January 7, 2009 – There’s really only one word to describe the new shockproof, waterproof, freezeproof, crushproof and shakeproof cameras from Olympus: Tough! Built to withstand some of the harshest environments on earth, the Stylus Tough series builds on the impressive specifications of the renowned Stylus SW Series by adding Dual Image Stabilization. Now, when the STYLUS TOUGH-8000 and STYLUS TOUGH-6000 arrive at the windy mountain peak or dive into choppy waves, they stay steady and ready to capture blur-free images in virtually any condition.

“Olympus designed the new Stylus Tough series to go places other point-and-shoot cameras wouldn’t dare to go, and by adding Dual Image Stabilization we ensure that adventurers will come home with crisp, clear images of their travels,” said Nadine Clark, product manager, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “After all, when you make cameras that can be dropped, submerged and frozen you expect the terrain where you use them to get a little rocky along the way, and you want stability as well as durability.”

Olympus STYLUS Tough Series Cameras Dare The World To Bring It On!

Introducing The World’s Most Powerful Ultra Zoom: The 26x Optical Wide-Angle Zoom Olympus SP-590UZ

January 7, 2009

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., January 7, 2009 – Olympus rewrote the rule book again for how powerful a point-and-shoot camera’s zoom can be with the launch of the new 26x optical zoom SP-590 Ultra Zoom. Its extremely versatile zoom lens can capture extraordinary images at virtually any distance – from a delicate flower close up to wide-angle photographs of friends posing before the vast Grand Canyon, or even images shot from the back row of the stadium that look like they were taken courtside.

The SP-590UZ is the “total package” and an investment in your imaging future that is well worth making. It offers the advanced manual controls that experienced photographers demand and find on a digital SLR (single lens reflex). At the same time, users can easily set the camera to operate like a simple point-and-shoot with automatic scene modes. It offers the compact body of an ultra zoom with the flexibility of high-performance optics usually found in interchangeable lenses for DSLR cameras, a 12-megapixel image sensor, Dual Image Stabilization, Face Detection, Ultra High-Speed Sequential shooting and a bright 2.7-inch LCD.

The 26x Optical Wide-Angle Zoom Olympus SP-590UZ

New Super-Slim Olympus FE-Series Cameras Are Easy To Use, Easy To Carry, Easy On The Eyes And Your Wallet

January 7, 2009

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., January 7, 2009 – If two is company and three is a crowd, you’ll want to invite all your friends to the party and capture every enjoyable moment with three crowd-pleasing, smart and stylish FE series digital compact cameras from Olympus that offer something for everyone. The super-slim bodies of the new FE-3000, FE-3010 and FE-5010 are full of smart digital technology, but offered at affordable prices, so when tucking the camera away in your pocket or purse, you’ll still have some money left for party favors.

All three models offer outstanding image quality thanks to a plethora of pixels. The FE-3000 features 10 megapixels of resolution, while the FE-3010 and the FE-5010 both feature 12 megapixels of resolution – more than enough for extra-large prints or to crop out unwanted party guests.

New Super-Slim Olympus FE-Series Cameras

Olympus Rebrands Stylus SW Cameras To Stylus Tough Series

December 9, 2008

CENTER VALLEY, Pa., December 9, 2008 – Olympus, the company that introduced shockproof/waterproof digital compact cameras (Stylus 720 SW) in 2006 to mass consumers with active lifestyles, is now redefining the segment it continues to dominate. Starting with its Spring 2009 line-up in January, Olympus’ incredibly rugged cameras built to capture amazing images in aquatic adventures, harsh climates and everyday activities with kids will be rebranded “Stylus Tough.

“Consumers’ passion and excitement for our tough cameras has continued to grow throughout the last three years, and they love the freedom of being able to capture beautiful images where other cameras wouldn’t dare to venture,” said Mark Huggins, executive director, Brand Marketing, Olympus Imaging America Inc. “Once our innovations moved beyond purely shockproof and waterproof – some Olympus cameras offer freezeproof and crushproof – the SW name became limiting. The Stylus Tough brand will be more descriptive and visual, and will provide us with greater flexibility as we grow this and other camera lines.”

The current line-up of Stylus SW cameras offers different levels of durability, providing consumers with options that best meet their needs. Cameras that are shockproof and waterproof are perfect for those who want worryproof, kidproof or lifeproof shooting. Building on these original tough features, other cameras also offer freezeproof and crushproof capabilities for those who seek adventure from the highest slopes to the most tropical depths and want to take their cameras anywhere to capture brilliant images.

The new Stylus Tough brand will enable the company to expand the line-up beyond these current tough benefits, and will be even easier for consumers to quickly understand the cameras’ unique benefits. If it is not waterproof, shockproof, and freezeproof, then by Olympus standards, it is not “Tough.” It also allows the company to offer one or more of these unique features in other Olympus camera lines. According to a recent study, many consumers looking for a new digital camera chose durable, weatherproofing as a feature they desire.

Olympus continues to be an innovator, developing new technologies to expand the frontiers of digital photography and leading where others have followed. Proof that Olympus enables consumers to capture it all. Specific details on the current Stylus SW cameras are available at The new Stylus Tough cameras will be introduced in early January 2009.

Olympus announces development of Four-Thirds DSLR

September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008: Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Masaharu Okubo) is developing a new interchangeable-lens digital SLR (single lens reflex) within the Olympus E-System. This new Four Thirds-compliant camera reinforces the company’s commitment to the standard.

Positioned as a mid-level model, this new interchangeable-lens digital SLR camera is intended for anyone who wants to express their creativity through photography, whether they are an amateur just starting out or a profession with years of experience behind them. Introduction of the new camera is expected in the first quarter of the year 2009.

Olympus announces development of Four-Thirds DSLR: WWW.DPREVIEW.COM

Olympus Unveils Tap-Controlled Digital Camera Stylus 1050 SW

August 26, 2008

Here’s a camera that implements the same sort of technology found in the current generation of game consoles: tap and motion detection control its various operations.

From newsfactor-via-yahoo:

[T]he camera’s main claim is that it can be controlled by means of a simple tap on its top, back or sides. The camera’s built-in 3-D accelerometer detects the direction of the force impinging on the camera’s body and converts it into individual commands. To activate the camera’s flash or built-in shadow-adjustment technology, the user simply needs to tap twice on the camera’s side.

The tap technology could come in handy whenever users operate the device under less-than-optimal environmental conditions, such as when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing. For example, users forced to wear gloves will find it much easier to tap on the camera’s body than push a button or adjust a knob.

Even better, the lightweight, aluminum exterior of the Stylus 1050 SW mates with interior rubber gaskets and O-rings that tightly seal out the elements. According to Olympus, the seals enable the new camera to function normally while submerged to depths of approximately 10 feet (three meters).

The Olympus site has a nice presentation of the new cameras here.

Olympus Unveils Tap-Controlled Digital Camera – Yahoo News.

Olympus Imaging to offer smaller SLR cameras

August 5, 2008

Japan’s Olympus Corp announced a new digital camera format on Tuesday that will make single lens reflex (SLR) models smaller and lighter, in a bid to drive sales of their advanced machines.  The new format, called the Micro Four Thirds System, would make digital SLR cameras thinner and lens units smaller than those based on the existing Four Thirds System.  “Packing high picture quality into a body thin enough to slide into a pocket. That is the basic concept of Micro Four Thirds,” Haruo Ogawa, head of Olympus Imaging Corp’s SLR business division, told a news conference.

Olympus, Matsushita to offer smaller SLR cameras

Japanese medical equipment and digital camera maker Olympus Corp President Tsuyoshi Kikukawa speaks during a news conference

Japanese medical equipment and digital camera maker Olympus Corp President Tsuyoshi Kikukawa speaks during a news conference