“Alan & Me” By Francis Hills Opening In NYC March 29th – April 3rd

© Francis Hills

© Francis Hills

Alan & Me

An exhibition celebrating seven years of collaboration between Alan Cumming, the award-winning actor, producer, director, author and photographer, Francis Hills

The Exhibition:

“Alan & Me” celebrates the seven years that Alan and Francis have worked together – charting the very first shoot in 2002 all the way through to the special commission piece that was shot this month in celebration of Tartan Week: ‘A Scotsman in New York’.

A little about Alan:

Alan Cumming is beyond eclectic. He was an award-winning Hamlet, and he had his own talk show. He shot a video portrait with Robert Wilson, and recorded a duet with Liza Minnelli. He made films back to back with Stanley Kubrick and the Spice Girls. He wrote a Sunday Times best-selling novel, and has an award-winning signature fragrance. He has played Dionysus, the Devil, the Pope and was shot by Herb Ritts for Vanity Fair as Pan. He was a teleporting Superhero, a Lee Jeans model and hosted Saturday Night Live. He is an Independent Spirit award-winning producer and National Board of Review winning director. He has sung at Carnegie Hall, the Hollywood Bowl, the London Palladium and the Sydney Opera House. He was named Icon of Scotland in 2005. He designed wallpaper. He was the voice of Black Beauty. He isn’t nearly done yet.

A little about Francis Hills

Francis Hills is known as the ‘Accidental Photographer’, and for a compelling reason: a little over seven years ago, after losing his job during the dot.com bust, Hills picked up a point-and-shoot and discovered his true passion. His serendipitous journey only intensified from that point on. Just three months after he started shooting, he decided on a whim to write a letter to actor and fellow Brit Alan Cumming to request a photo shoot with him. To his delight, Alan accepted, jump-starting Hills’ professional photography career and a lasting photographic collaboration and friendship. Alan invited Francis to take the production photos of an Off-Broadway show he was working on in New York. The photos he took, and subsequent portrait shoot images ended up in a couple of magazines. These shots led to high-profile clients and exposure in publications like Elle, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, Ocean Drive, Oprah, Parade, Time and Zink. He has become a regular guest photographer and judge on TV shows, including Scandinavia’s, Norway’s and Sweden’s Next Top Model and TLC’s Covershot. Francis has also traveled the world giving talks on high-end digital capture for Hasselblad and HP.

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One Response to ““Alan & Me” By Francis Hills Opening In NYC March 29th – April 3rd”

  1. Jason Says:

    Francis Hills is one of the photographers who has truly shot to stardom in recent years. His work has been a perfect blend of commercial brilliance with the glimpse of the personal emotions of his subjects.

    In addition to Francis’s work with Alan Cumming, Hills has also done work for causes such as Breast Cancer with his project Clothing Immaterial (of which Alan also took part of) that helped raise funds and awareness.

    His most recent showing of “Alan & Me” puts the spotlight on years of work between Hills and Cumming and in many ways shows full circle how far Francis has come. Cumming was one of the first subjects Hills photographed upon jumping headfirst into the photo industry and “Alan & Me” truly does show his growth as a photographer as well as documenting the bond the two share for their crafts.

    Truly another worthwhile project putting some humanity and warmth into the “process” that celebrity portraiture has become in recent years.

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