A Nikon Prankster’s Early April’s Fools Joke?

Ok, it’s Friday, so please have a laugh with us. Someone’s trying to sell this Nikon D23F prototype digital SLR on Craigslist in New York. (UPDATE: The original posting appears to have been removed.) The seller claims the camera is not going to be announced until 2012 but they work in Japan and grabbed two off the production line — one they’re keeping and one they’re selling for $10,200 (cash only). 😉

A Nikon Prankster’s Early April’s Fools Joke? – PDNPulse.com


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One Response to “A Nikon Prankster’s Early April’s Fools Joke?”

  1. Jason Says:

    Let’s take a look at the make believe features shall we?

    32.4 Megapixels, AF-S 50mm 1.0 IR (Infrared Application Scientific Lens, with integrated nano-filters), New Nano Cards. F-SDn / F-CFn 500GB (1.15 GB/s speed), One 500GB Nikon F-CFn card included, Single, 3, or 18 FPS. Full FX Frame Plus IR and UV image sensor, Bio-Acquire Technology (BAT), For The Colors And Luminance of Light in Visible Spectrum, Infra-Red & UV for Insects, Plants, People, Atmosphere, Sky, Water and Virtually Everything. Too Advanced To Explain Now in Detail. (Space Hubble Telescope Features).

    …. and what it doesn’t automatically take Canon L series lenses as well? When these rumors come out there are often little tiny bits of truth to them. Some of this is a little ridiculous. Are we to believe that Nikon is harnessing the same technology as that of the Hubble telescope and put it into a 32.4 megapixel Digital SLR? I am more likely to believe Nikon has a sensor that is close to a 32.4 megapixel.

    Like many I have long believed that the technology is there and slowly it is being released as lets face facts, its the photo industry, industry as in business. You don’t put out the best thing right away, you slowly get people to buy the technology in waves. Only a few years ago full frame sensors were seen as something you would pay minimum $7,000 for. Now you can achieve a full frame sensor for less than $3,000. Go back even further a digital SLR would be $10,000 and achieving the same quality as a 35mm negative was “something you should see in the next few years,” and naturally now we all can make our own billboards on the side of the road with the technology.

    2-3 years from now, we will see some of the features (minus Hubble technology my guess)as part of a Nikon SLR, but there will always be leaks of information to peak interest in the photo community and let us all look on the horizon to see whats coming and how it shapes our current photographic equipment and interests.

    See other examples, rumblings of a Nikon D400

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