John Woodward Portrait & Lighting Seminar @ Unique Photo 4/2

Click Image For Registration

Click Image For Registration

© John Woodward Photography

© John Woodward Photography

John Woodward has spent 35 years producing images for many of todays major corporations such as Chase, Citibank, Viacom, Paramount, Hawaiian Tropic, Hyatt, and Marriott.  His work has been seen worldwide.  The Professional Photographers of America at their annual convention in 2007 named John Photographer of the Year.  He holds the Photographic Craftsman Degree and is an Approved Photographic Instructor from the Professional Photographers of America.  No matter what you are using to capture an image, whether digital or conventional film, it still comes back to how you handle the light.

This seminar is about having fun, and learning at the same time. Let John help you take your photographs to a new level of expression and composition. Wrapped in a little “down-home humor”, John’s approach certainly will not be boring.  This class will be held at Unique Photo Inc. in Fairfield, NJ at it’s new state of the art classroom at Unique University!

John will explore and demonstrate the following: · A compositional study guide · Facial Analysis · Creating dimensionally in your images · Portrait, glamour, modified glamour, and window light forms for the studio · The great myths of exposure · The great myths of digital imaging · Determining proper exposure outdoors · Understanding the “kill zone” outdoors · Location Mapping · Color Management and Workflow (time permitting)

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