New York Photo Awards is Open for Entries

Back for its second year, the New York Photo Festival (NYPH’09) has just announced a call for entries for the New York Photo Awards 2009. The contest will be accepting submissions until May 1 in a variety of categories including editorial, fine art and advertising. Winners will be announced at a ceremony in Brooklyn during the NYPH on May 15. (We were at the ceremony last year and the place was packed to the gills.) Details are in the press release below.

New York Photo Festival 2009


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One Response to “New York Photo Awards is Open for Entries”

  1. Jason Says:

    The New York Photo Awards are opening up the 2009 contest with categories covering the major genre’s of photography today. This is nothing new as many of these categories such as editorial, advertising, and fine art have been long recognized staples of photography. However, the difference is today is who are submitting to the contests.

    With digital photography many new photographers are reaching new horizons with the ease of shoot and upload. The weekend photographer can now upload his work to Getty or submit images to Playboy, for either print or web publication.

    With a bigger pool courtesy of the internet, there is more room to swim and fish to see.

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