Keeping Up with History

Some of the most powerful members of Obama’s new team, meanwhile, remain blank faces. Honoring their promises of transparency from day one, they graciously allowed Leibovitz to capture them at work for the portfolio, “Enter Obama,” becoming the third successive administration to be immortalized by the photographer in Vanity Fair. With invaluable help from Washington-based V.F. contributors Maureen Orth (who wrote the accompanying text) and Dee Dee Myers, Leibovitz and her nimble crew wound through Obama’s transition office at an extraordinary pace. History, she has found, waits for no man, let alone for a photographer. “We had the economic team”—including Larry Summers, Tim Geithner, Peter Orszag, and Christina Romer—“for only a couple of minutes before they were off to the next meeting,” says portfolio co-producer Kathryn MacLeod. “It was an incredible challenge. People, you could tell, had their mind on the huge task that lay before them.” In the end, Leibovitz photographed more than 50 subjects in just over a week. “Everyone was enthusiastic and inspiring,” says co-producer Ron Beinner.

Barack Obama


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One Response to “Keeping Up with History”

  1. Jason Says:

    The link above shows the images to be used in the “Enter Obama” portfolio shots. Annie Leibovitz is a name and to have an image shot by her says a lot about who you are as an individual in the public eye, however these images are not the quality or style one would associate with her work. Known for elaborate sets and high production costs of all of her portraits, Leibovitz has been an icon for the photographic community but this leaves lots of fuel to the fire for her critics.

    The images are nothing special, granted political figures only have so much time and you usually have no more than 1 minute to photograph subjects, but portraits with the backdrop stands showing, this is really candid and not professional portraits.

    One image though which I included in the post above I think is very accurate and it is that of Obama’s Logistics team. From left: REGGIE LOVE, personal aide to the president; ALYSSA MASTROMONACO, director of scheduling and advance; MARVIN NICHOLSON, trip director. They are all appearing to enjoy a moment to lean on a desk or sit down but still overwhelmed with work as they are all looking at their cell phones going through messages or getting a quick message of to friends and family. I honestly think that this was not posed, and simply a quick point the lights over there, nobody move, *click*. It’s true to form, accurate portrayal of what I imagine life is for the Logistics team.

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