“Cramped But Cool” Contest To Be Showcased In PDN

The editors of PDN  will select the best submissions to our “Cramped But Cool” Showcase to feature in February. If you think your office is space-challenged yet stylish, convenient or workable, we want to see it! The photographer with the winning workspace will be featured on our Web site –and receive a $50 gift certificate from the Container Store.

Send  1 to 3 jpegs of your workspace to: editor@pdnonline.com. Include a short (100 words or less) description of your workspace, what you’ve got stored in there, how many other people use the space,  what you like or  hate about working there. Be sure to put “Cramped Can Be Cool” in your subject line.

PDNPulse: Cramped But Cool Studio Contest


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One Response to ““Cramped But Cool” Contest To Be Showcased In PDN”

  1. Jason Says:

    Although this is a contest and brings out the creativity most photographers have, there is in fact a serious overtone to it. Many photographers today are faced with the issue that they can not afford a studio space or even a business front and are forced by finances to work from home.

    In this the digital age a lot of the work flow that a photographer goes through can be done in a small uncomfortable space, all one needs is room to sit, monitor, computer, printer, and if your luck room for speakers to play some music as you spend countless hours editing.

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