Polaroid Has Been Saved?

polaroidcollageFor a generation, the Polaroid camera gave near-instant pleasure to millions of users around the world, chronicling everything from births and weddings to the downright explicit. But when digital photography came along in the 1990s – with instant images and the ability to edit and delete pictures before they see the light of day – Polaroid was doomed, its iconic white-framed snaps apparently defunct.

When Polaroid announced last February that it would stop production of its instant film, it seemed the much-loved camera was gone forever. But within weeks, a group of users had started a global campaign for the format to return. And now, thanks to an unlikely savior, their pleas have been heard.

Smile Polaroid is saved  www.independent.co.uk


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3 Responses to “Polaroid Has Been Saved?”

  1. Jason Says:

    Edwin Land patented his concept for Polaroid in 1929, from that day on it became part of American culture. For most of us a Polaroid is synonymous with its instant print with white borders, what most of us don’t know are the other things Polaroid has brought to popular culture such as developing polarizing filters for sunglasses, windows, photographic filters, for glasses in full-color stereoscopic (3-D) movies, the initial components that made LCD monitors possible, and many more.

    However, it is the instant print that is most synonymous Polaroid. For decades photographers and cinematographers would rely heavily on Polaroid for quick and accurate examples of images showing lighting, contrast, and color. Today we live in a digital age that provides us instant results on our cameras and even our cell phones, so having a print within moments of taking the shot was ground breaking.

    Many photographers, students, and the art community in general to this day adore Polaroid and what it brings, this news is a breath of fresh air after years of rumored bankruptcy, takeovers, as well as the greatest threat of all which was to stop manufacturing the film that helped build photography.

  2. Maureen Vaccaro Says:

    Film is still film,digital is digital,and a polaroid is a polaroid they all have a distint place in the world of photography, as does now the computer. Good to hear that the tradition will continue, it’s not outdated just misundestood/displaced in todays world.

  3. Jumoke Says:

    do you guys have a recommendation section, i’d like to suggest some stuff

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