Photographs Enhance Your Energy Field

Do you realize that photography is a form of energy reproduction and that every photograph contains energy.

Chanel's College Graduation

Chanel's College Graduation

Why not place photographs taken in moments of happiness, love, and receptivity to spiritual help around your living space, in your workplace, in your automobile, (huh?) and even on your clothing or in a pocket or wallet.

Arrange photographs of nature, animals, and expressions of joy and love in your environment and let their energy radiate into your heart.

Get those pix out of your camera and spread them around.

But you already knew that.

Its just one of the ways to raise your energy level in “The Power of Intention”


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One Response to “Photographs Enhance Your Energy Field”

  1. Pink Says:

    Great Advice!! I already do! And it really does fill me up with so much happiness, every time I glance at pictures that I’ve taken that really mean something to me. I also use some of my pictures as an escape. If I’m having a rough day or just need to escape for a few minutes, I take a look at one of the pictures I’ve taken on vacation. I relive that moment for a minute while looking at the image. It’s a great way to clear my head. 🙂

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