Polaroid Introduces the Polaroid PoGo™ Instant Digital Camera

Polaroid Corp., the iconic inventor of the instant photo, has reinvented itself for the digital age, launching a digital camera which makes instant full-color prints.The PoGo, unveiled at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, arrives on the market a year after Polaroid ended production of its legendary instant film camera.

“This is the digital version of our traditional instant camera, which consumers have loved since the ’70s,” said Jon Pollock, Polaroid’s vice president and general manager of Digital Imaging.

“It’s what consumers have told us they want — a fun, easy way to use a digital camera to print photos,” he said.

The Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera uses Zink ink-free printing technology to produce instant prints on a special paper embedded with heat-activated dye crystals.

“With the push of a button, consumers can select from among the digital photos on the camera, crop or edit them and in less than 60 seconds, print full-color, 2×3-inch prints,” Polaroid said.

Photos can be reviewed on a three-inch color LCD screen before printing.

Polaroid said the PoGo will be available in March and cost 199 dollars. A 10-pack of Zink photo paper will sell for 4.99 dollars

via Polaroid.com – Picture your world… with Polaroid.


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