I Think I See Whoville




The Pen Nib

The Pen Nib



It’s been years since I’ve done any close-up or macro photography.  I use to have pet tarantulas that modeled for me.  I’d also photograph some of the crickets before putting them in the aquarium with the tarantulas.  I used close-up filters and macro zoom lens and I created mediocre results.  


When I realized that I wasn’t getting many second dates and the tarantulas might be at the heart of the matter I gave them to my brother.  Unfortunately I haven’t done much macro photography since.


Well, this week I picked up the Canon 65mm MP-E lens just to try a true macro.  I was shocked and amazed.  There is a whole world within our world.  I could see the texture of paper and how it has an impact on my pen when I write on it.  I could read the imprinting my the nip of my pen.  I think I found Whoville on the tip of my fountain pen.  


The Tip

The Tip



Photography has always been therapeutic for me.  Macro photography takes the euphoria to another level.  The patience required and the ability to be meticulous has me “flex a muscle” that I can also apply in other areas of my life.  Close-up work causes me to be to be physically still while bouncing back and forth with left brain and right brain thinking.  Awesome!


Do you do macro?  Click on comments at the top of this blog.  Better yet, show me some your masterpieces.  Or, join me on January 27 at Unique University, (www.UniquePhoto.com)  

This is fun stuff.


Imprint on a pen nib

Imprint on a pen nib





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2 Responses to “I Think I See Whoville”

  1. Pie Says:

    Wow! This style is pretty awesome. I know all photographs are also art, however, these are the van gogh’s of the photo world. I think I saw whoville as well!

    I have to say though, not getting 2nd dates because of the tarantulas, Keep telling yourself that bud (hahaha). And it was very nice of you to give them to your brother. Was he in the dating pool for awhile after that?

    Sidenote- the new ink looks nice. I like it alot. It makes me want to release the dogs of war.

    Anywho, I heart you Mike D!

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