It’s A New Year

Happy New Year Everyone,

It’s a New Year but let’s take a moment to reflect and appreciate the wonderful, miraculous moments of last year.  While we, collectively, may have experienced tough times financially, I am willing to bet that there were some truly wonderful moments in your life and times as well.

Earlier I submitted a post speaking about “being right” and thinking on things that forward your life rather than hinder it.  Well this is a similar exercise.  Get in touch with the feelings that you had when you experienced those wonderful and or miraculous moments of 2008.  Share them with me.  And I’ll share mine with you.  Overall, 2008 was a good year.  I’ve just spent too much time looking at the things that didn’t work about it.  Now let’s look at what did work.

Giddy Up!


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3 Responses to “It’s A New Year”

  1. Sarah F Says:

    A beautiful thing about my 2008 is the love and support I got from my family.

    Cracking up at my son’s silliness.

  2. Pink Says:

    A beautiful thing that happened to me this year is that I got to work with children a lot more and can see doors opening up for me to be able to help those children in need very soon. Another wonderful thing that happened to me this year is getting to explore some new places that I’ve never been to before. And one last sweet thing that I got to experience this year is spending more time with my dearest, closest friend who inspires me so much.

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