Annie Leibovitz ‘At Work’ – CNN.COM

Legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz discusses her new book highlighting some of her most famous photos.

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One Response to “Annie Leibovitz ‘At Work’ – CNN.COM”

  1. Jason Says:

    In the realm of photography some names are speak volumes for a body of work and a period of time. Adams, Steiglitz, Geddes and more. The name alone can invoke a style or a specific image that defines something more than just the image. Adams makes us think of landscapes, Stieglitz the image titled, “Steerage” which brought imagery to the period of immigrants landing in Ellis Island, Geddes images of babies in various situations. Annie Leibovitz was can associate with celebrity portraiture.

    Having Annie Leibovitz doing your portrait is a sign to whomever that they have “made it”. They are at the status now of getting the best photographer out there for this purpose. She has worked with every popular celebrity for over 30 years and her style has become the definition of what is required in today’s marketing machine. Look closer, and you will see her work is more than just cover shots to Rolling Stone, and that she is in fact a versatile photographer that goes beyond studio sessions, and beyond photographer and subject.

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