When You’re Right, You’re Right


When you’re right, you’re right and we, as human beings, will fight to be right.  But what  are we fighting to be right about? I’m constantly hearing conversations about the economy.

“I can’t afford to…”

Park Your Yacht  Here!

Park Your Yacht Here!

“These are tough times.”

“I’m scared I might lose my job.” 

“Who knows how long its going to be like this.”

We really don’t have to be a victim of the economy.  The truth about life is there is an abundance of riches in the world.  All prosperity flows from one great source and your connection to the source of infinite supply is substantial.    Its substantial enough that you can enjoy and allow wealth and prosperity in your life.  

So I’m going to give you something else to be “right” about. I challenge each one of you to start a new conversation and that conversation goes like this:

“My mind is open to the infinite supply of wealth.  I allow it to flow freely and generously in my life.  Money is good.  Money is energy.  Money flows to me easily.  The universe is my benefactor.

I am fully supported making money doing what I love to do.  I deserve happiness, ease and abundance.  I deserve prosperity.  The more I enjoy life and contribute to the lives of others the more money I make.  I am richly rewarded for all that I give, I love my life.

New sources of prosperity flow into my life with grace and ease.  I attract new ideal circumstances and opportunities to increase my net worth.  I’m a magnet for money.  Money comes to me through expected channels and unexpected channels.  Everything in my life flows perfectly.  There is so much to be grateful for.

Prosperity is everywhere at all times.  I claim my right to a prosperous life.  I am building a strong financial foundation that supports all of me.  I am sensible with money and manage it wisely.  Opportunities to succeed abound.  Everything I need to generate wealth is available to me right now.

I am in line with love, truth and integrity.  I am divinely guided in all of my affairs.  Through the great law of attraction, everything I need for my work and fulfillment comes to me.  Even now, the answers to all my needs are speeding their way to me.

My mind is open to the infinite supply of wealth.  I allow it to flow freely and generously in my life.”


The City of Lights

The City of Lights

Thoughts are actions in rehearsal.  I request everyone reviewing this blog entry to exercise the personal courage of reading the above statement three times a day for the next thirty days.  Read it when you rise in the morning, again at noon time and finally just before going to bed. Read it with passion and commitment.  At first there might be a part of your brain that will not believe it and call you a liar.  Do what it takes to continue the practice anyway.

So who is with me?  Click on “comments” at the top of this entry and show the world who is “right” and start living the prosperous life that you deserve.


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3 Responses to “When You’re Right, You’re Right”

  1. Pie Says:

    Dude let me tell you with Xmas around the corner, and it being the holiday season, I have to share a tip with you. As a person who NEVER uses cash, always use my debit card (I would use my cc if it wasnt maxed)do this and you will be amazed. Go to the M.A.C. take out a designated amount of money, and ditch the debit card, or credit cards if you have them. I managed to get all of my holiday shopping done at about HALF of what I normally spend. I found it amazing on how careful I was, with what I was buying, because I only had a designated amount. I divided it up by the amount of people I needed to buy for, and I shopped around looking for sales, and was actually asking myself questions, like would ______ actually use this? Or is this item really worth this price etc. It turns out, with time, effort, and some control, it is going to be a great christmas afterall! Take that economy! 🙂 I heart you have a great day!

  2. Pink Says:

    ABSOLUTELY……I agree!! Thanks to you! I’ve been in a funk lately about my career and how it’s really not going as successful has I hoped. But thanks to the wonderful, inspiring friend that you are, I was able to get back on track of thinking possitively. This is a great statement and will definitely read it daily. I am currently working on The Artist Way, (which my best friend is suppose to be doing with me) 🙂 and as one of my daily routines I write these three wonderfully possitive affirmations five times in my morning pages…..My dreams come from God and God has the power to accomplish them. My creativity heals myself and others. There is a devine plan for my work. These have also helped me a lot with staying focused on succeeding and not worry at all about the economy. I strongly live by the motto……you only live once. Therefore, I make sure I just enjoy life, keep smiling and stay possitive. It doesn’t make anything better to always worry. In the end….everything always works out. 🙂

  3. Maria Says:

    I’m on board! With this having been the toughest year of my life, I wasn’t looking forward to Christmas at all. But I know if I allow myself to shut down during what is normally my favorite holiday – I’m allowing myself to be defeated. I embrace this challenge and open myself up to all the possibilities awaiting me (besides I know a little someone up there who would want me to!)
    Thanks Michael- for awlays being an inspiration and a force of love and friendship!!!

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