Black Friday sales figures promising, despite expectations

Black Friday sales figures promising, despite expectations
By Michael R. Tomkins, The Imaging Resource (
(Monday, December 1, 2008 – 15:41 EST)
Market research firms have been busy crunching their numbers, and initial reports are that despite expectations, Black Friday sales figures showed positive growth over those from 2007.

With the nation’s economic climate dominating the news of late, some pundits have been suggesting that sales for Black Friday would flatten or even decline, as compared to last year. A press release published yesterday by the National Retail Federation indicates that things may not be as bleak as feared, with both the total number of shoppers and the amount each individual spent over the Black Friday weekend rising significantly.

The NRF – courtesy of a survey of 3,370 individuals by BIGresearch – found that 172 million shoppers made purchases at retail stores or online over the weekend. The figure, which includes projected data for Sunday, shows a rise of 25 million (17%) from the 147 million recorded over 2007’s Black Friday weekend.

Almost 43% – some 73.6 million shoppers – took part on Black Friday itself, doubtless hoping to find the best bargains before stock ran out. Of those shopping at retail, over half were at stores before 9am, and almost a quarter were ready to shop at 5am!

Last year, each shopper spent an average of $347.55 over the Black Friday weekend. For 2008, spending per shopper actually rose 7.2% to $372.57.

The NRF is projecting that overall holiday sales will rise 2.2% over last year’s figures. BIGresearch’s survey has a +/1.7% margin of error.

NEWS! – Black Friday sales figures promising, despite expectations.


One Response to “Black Friday sales figures promising, despite expectations”

  1. Jason Says:

    As the state of the nations economy is changing many have had growing concerns over the holiday sales period. Will people purchase the latest and greatest products in what has been declared a recession? The answer is yes. And we have manufacturers of these products to thank for assisting our economic boost.

    Many companies such as Canon, Nikon, Epson, Lexar, and many other camera manufacturers have been offering instant and mail-in rebates making these new products affordable to consumers. Digital cameras and their accessories have long been a holiday favorite and with plenty of advertising being done through media outlets photo enthusiasts are not shying away from investing in the latest cameras with new features like HD Video and Live View (see also Photo Insider’s article To Live View or Not To Live View” for more on camera features)

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