Continue To Express Gratitude

Now that Thanksgiving Day has passed I issue a challenge to each of you.  I challenge you to make a conscience, tangable effort each day going forward to document the people, places, or things you are grateful for.  As usual,  I’m going to take up this challenge with you.

I’m a photographer so of course the media I’m going to use to document my gratitude is photography.  i will take photographs of the people, places and things showing thanks.  Not only will my photographic skills improve but my awareness of all the beautiful and wonderful things in my life will be enhanced.  How cool is that ?

Not into photography?  Okay.  Just keep a gratitude journal.  Buy a small notebook and jot down the things you appreciate in your life.  You can do this throughout the day or pick a quiet time at the end of the day.  After a month or so you’ll be amazed at the body of images you’ve captured or the colorful journal entries that you’ve made.

Not in to photography or writing in a journal,… no problem.

Each day, make it a point to thank someone in some unexpected way. Do this consistently and you’ll begin to see a significant difference in your life and the lives of those around you.

Get creative. Make it a game—and watch the magic unfold.

(And share your pictures, I’d love to see them.)

Just Keep Shooting,



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