How Does Your Muse Speak Through You?

Morning Therapy.

Morning Therapy.

What is it that would have a healthy, reasonably sound person get up at zero-dark-thirty, grab a tripod and camera and head out in sub freezing temperatures just to get the shot at the right time in the right light? Show me someone who always seems to have a camera, giving-living-with purpose and I’ll show you someone making a difference.

I received an email from a friend of mine the other day.  In his email he pointed me to a website and blog he created for his newborn baby. The site is filled with pictures and blog entries from his 11 week old baby’s point of view.  Its wonderful. I was so inspired by the sense of love and family that was shared through the images that my whole mood lifted for the day.

I have another friend who moved to California a few years ago.  She stays in touch with me almost on a daily basis.  The pictures that she sends me, whether its through email or simply her cell phone, always reminds me that no matter how far apart we are physically we can still be close emotionally.

These are wonderful times that we live in.  Photography is a universal language that can touch, move and inspire people all over the world in an instant.  Photographing, giving-living – with purpose.  It inspires.  Clarifies. Motivates.

Just keep shooting.



How does your muse speak through you?  I’d like to know.  Share it with me by clicking the “comments” field next to the date at the top of this blog entry.  Thanx.

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3 Responses to “How Does Your Muse Speak Through You?”

  1. Photowayfarer Says:

    I love to ski. Actually that’s another way that my muse speaks through me.

  2. Pink Says:

    I love working/helping children. I am determined to make a difference in every childs life that I come into. I hope to help and make a difference to all the children living in poverty, without a loving family and all special needs children. And I will do so through my photography. That’s how my muse speaks through me.

    I also love playing and listening to music. All kinds of music. That’s just another way my muse speaks through me.

  3. The Notorious M-A-G Says:

    When I need to find inspiration, I have learned to look to my friends and family. Each and every person who is in my life, contributes inspiration to me in different ways. All of us are so different, yet we are the same. Whether it is an uplifting quote, a beautiful picture, a delicious meal, a joke or a laugh, a smile, working towards a goal and reaching it, etc. etc. All I know is, with the support and encouragement of my friends and my family, I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to, and if I fall down in the process, they are always there to pick me back up again. And that my friends, is how my muse(s) speak(s) through me.

    PS Photowayfarer- That California chick seems truly dazzling.

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