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Epson Recycle Program

September 29, 2008

At Epson, we recognize the importance of preserving our environment and contributing to the global community. With that in mind, we are proud to sponsor a product stewardship program that enables Epson customers to send back used Epson products for recycling.

Epson Recycle Program – Recycle Printers, Hardware, Ink Cartridges – Epson America, Inc..

It is nice to see some of the larger manufacturers like Epson taking steps to help the environment.  This service does require a $10 fee per item, however Epson does grant $5 back in the form of an Epson coupon.


Photokina 2008 Show Report:

September 29, 2008

Photokina is now over for another two years, so as we return to some semblance of normality it’s time to reflect on what Photokina 2008 tells us about the state of the industry and to look at some of the emerging trends in digital cameras and digital imaging in general.

Introduction: Photokina 2008 Show Report:

Adobe Introduces Creative Suite 4 Product Family

September 23, 2008

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Sept. 23, 2008 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 and Photoshop CS4 Extended, the highly anticipated, new editions of the professional industry standard software for digital imaging.

Providing a fluid user experience, complete creative control and higher efficiency, Photoshop CS4 leverages the power of the latest hardware to extend imaging possibilities and offer faster, more flexible ways to accomplish core tasks like image adjustments and masks. All of these features and more can be found in Photoshop CS4 Extended, which serves users with advanced motion graphics functions, dramatically expanded 3D visualization capabilities and precise image analysis.

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Product Family Press Release

Kodak CCD Image Sensors Power New Camera For Professional Photography

September 23, 2008

Cologne, Germany, September 23, 2008 – CCD Image Sensors from Eastman Kodak
Company (NYSE:EK) have been selected again to power the most advanced
cameras for professional photographers. Showcased at this year’s
Photokina trade fair in Cologne, Germany, the new cameras – the LEICA
S2, the HASSELBLAD H3DII-50, and the SINAR Hy6-65 – are based on both
new and existing KODAK CCD Image Sensors, and further establish Kodak
as the leading supplier of the most advanced image sensors used in
professional photography.

Official Kodak Press Release.

Pretec Releases 64GB and 100GB CF Card – Highest Capacity in the World

September 23, 2008

Cologne, Germany, September 23rd , 2008 - Pretec, creator of the highest capacity CompactFlash card in the world (48GB) and the fastest CF card in the world (333X) will demonstrate even higher capacities including a 64GB CF card, in the Leaf booth (West Hall 4.2, B009) and CFA (Hall 5.1, G-019) at Photokina 2008.Continuing the revolution in the field of flash memory card speed and capacity, Pretec today releases 64GB and 100GB, 233X CF cards with access speed of up to 35MB/s, overtaking the Pretec 48GB CF card, the previous world’s record holder for highest capacity CF card; and super high speed 333X 32GB and 50GB CF cards capable of running up to 50 MB per second of Read/Write speed, the highest speed CF card in the world.

Pretec Releases 64GB and 100GB CF Card – Highest Capacity in the World.

Epson Expands Epsonality Ad Campaign with Greater Interactivity and Innovative “Epsonality Widget” / Epson

September 22, 2008

The interactive Web 2.0 site,, which drives the Epsonality campaign, has been enhanced with new creative elements to highlight product attributes in a more dynamic way as consumers explore their Epsonality. The new Epsonality test takes the form of a series of sliders that allow customers to rate the importance of printer attributes and functionality, including printer use, printer type, kind of printing, and price, resulting in product suggestions that best meet each individual’s needs. In addition, instead of simply listing printer specs and features, new technologies and benefits such as Wi-Fi® printing capabilities or custom CD and DVD printing are illustrated to consumers through dynamic animations and visual story telling. The new Epsonality campaign also debuts the “Epsonality Widget,” a powerful, free tool that scours the Web and provides users with relevant content based on Epsonality types for individual interests and professional needs.

Epson Expands Epsonality Ad Campaign with Greater Interactivity and Innovative “Epsonality Widget” / Epson.

Olympus announces development of Four-Thirds DSLR

September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008: Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Masaharu Okubo) is developing a new interchangeable-lens digital SLR (single lens reflex) within the Olympus E-System. This new Four Thirds-compliant camera reinforces the company’s commitment to the standard.

Positioned as a mid-level model, this new interchangeable-lens digital SLR camera is intended for anyone who wants to express their creativity through photography, whether they are an amateur just starting out or a profession with years of experience behind them. Introduction of the new camera is expected in the first quarter of the year 2009.

Olympus announces development of Four-Thirds DSLR: WWW.DPREVIEW.COM

Olympus develops Micro Four Thirds camera

September 22, 2008

September 22, 2008: Olympus Imaging Corporation (President: Masaharu Okubo) today announced that it has begun development of an interchangeable lens type digital camera based on the “Micro Four Thirds System.”

Development of the camera will bring dramatic reductions in size and weight to the Olympus E-System, and will comply with the new Micro Four Thirds System standard jointly announced with Matsushita Industrial Co., Ltd.(Panasonic) on August 5.

Olympus develops Micro Four Thirds camera:

Nikon 10.5mm AF f2.8 G DX IF-ED Fisheye Lens

September 22, 2008

The Nikon 10.5mm AF f2.8 G IF-ED Fisheye Lens is a specialized optic encompassing a 180 degree rectulangular angle of view. Equivalent to a 16mm focal length on 35mm, this is not a lens you would leave on your camera for everyday use, but rather employ for special effects to produce unique and creative images.

This Fisheye is sharp. Resolution figures are extremely high at f2.8 and stay that way through f8. This is true for the borders as well as the corners of the image. Minimum focus distance is 51/2 inches and at f22 hyperfocal distance is approximately 10 inches, so everything 5 inches to infinity is in focus.

The lens is extremely small and lightweight about the same size as a 50mm f1.8 lens, so its easily carried. Build quality is high justifying the 600.00 price tag of the lens.

The Nikon 10.5mm works great for landscapes, and even some portraits. If you are careful in composing your images the fisheye distortion is not that noticeable, especially for landscapes.

If you have not used a fisheye before it will take some time and planning to learn how to use one. My first few hours photographing with the 10.5mm resulted in many dissapointing images. After some practice and experimentation I was able to produce some very nice photographs. 

Some photographers think of fisheye lenses as expensive toys and dismiss them completely. I could not disagree more with this categorization. If you can afford one, the fisheye lens will become one of your favorites. 










NIKKOR SLR Lenses – 45 Million and Counting

September 22, 2008

Tokyo — Nikon Corporation is pleased to announce that production of our NIKKOR SLR interchangeable lenses has now surpassed the 45 million mark.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of NIKKOR lenses, used by photo enthusiasts and professionals throughout the world, and last month (August), Nikon announced that production had reached 45 million units. Indeed, sales are expanding so rapidly that Nikon added five million lenses of that total since 2007.

Nikon views this achievement as an affirmative evaluation of the company’s expertise in manufacturing high-quality products, and as a measure of the reliability enjoyed by a vast and diverse range of users.

Nikon | News | NIKKOR SLR Lenses – 45 Million and Counting.