Olympus Unveils Tap-Controlled Digital Camera Stylus 1050 SW

Here’s a camera that implements the same sort of technology found in the current generation of game consoles: tap and motion detection control its various operations.

From newsfactor-via-yahoo:

[T]he camera’s main claim is that it can be controlled by means of a simple tap on its top, back or sides. The camera’s built-in 3-D accelerometer detects the direction of the force impinging on the camera’s body and converts it into individual commands. To activate the camera’s flash or built-in shadow-adjustment technology, the user simply needs to tap twice on the camera’s side.

The tap technology could come in handy whenever users operate the device under less-than-optimal environmental conditions, such as when outdoor temperatures drop below freezing. For example, users forced to wear gloves will find it much easier to tap on the camera’s body than push a button or adjust a knob.

Even better, the lightweight, aluminum exterior of the Stylus 1050 SW mates with interior rubber gaskets and O-rings that tightly seal out the elements. According to Olympus, the seals enable the new camera to function normally while submerged to depths of approximately 10 feet (three meters).

The Olympus site has a nice presentation of the new cameras here.

Olympus Unveils Tap-Controlled Digital Camera – Yahoo News.


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