Time Spent Equals Results Achieved

Making professional quality photographs depends on many factors, some of which include having the right equipment (tools) for the job, being able to create artistic compositions, working in great light, being in the right place at the right time, and knowing your subject.  The last factor, not yet mentioned, is persistence and spending the necessary time and effort to “Get the Shot”.

Over the years, I have learned ” Time Spent Equals Results Achieved”.  A good photographer leaves little to chance and luck, especially if he or she earns income from their work.  As a serious and experienced photographer, I like to have control over as many variables as possible.  In outdoor photography, this is not always possible since subjects as well as backgrounds are unpredictable.  The one variable I do have under my control is my time and how many hours and how much effort I’m willing to put into a project. A case in point occurred a few weeks ago when I had an assignment to photograph an American Bittern at the Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey.

The American Bittern is not a rare species, but it’s shy and tends to stay in remote areas hidden from view in reeds and marsh grasses making it extremely difficult to photograph or view at close distances.  The image presented below was not an easy one to make.  I devoted almost 30 hours of my time to this project.  This photograph was made early one morning after almost two weeks of searching and waiting for the Bittern to appear in range of my camera.  By being persistent and not giving up, I was finally able to photograph this subject with my Nikon D70s and Nikkor 200 mm F4 EDIF AF Macro lens.


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