Upcoming Photo Classes at Unique Photo

Unique Photo is in the process of completing construction on its 1,500 sq. ft. education and meeting center, which is part of the Unique University Education Initiative.

The education center is a critical component of Unique’s new 55,000 sg. ft. facility located at 123 Route 46 West in Fairfield, NJ. The new state of the art education center will be equipped with workstation type desktops where students can plug in their laptop computers for note taking, projecting images, and for printing. In addition, there will be plasma TVs for viewing DVDs and other instructional material, a digital projection system, surround sound audio and wireless Internet access.

I will be teaching programs in digital imaging at Unique Photo beginning in late April. Class topics will include the following:

  • Introduction to Your Digital Point and Shoot Camera
  • I just Purchased a Digital Camera: Now What?
  • Mastering Your Digital SLR Camera
  • Basics of Exposure and Metering
  • The Essentials of Photographic Composition
  • Lighting Techniques for the Advanced and Professional Photographer
  • Portrait Photography for the Advanced and Professional Photographer
  • Event and Location Photography – Advanced Techniques
  • Photoshop CS3 – Advanced Techniques
  • Nature, Landscape and Wildlife Photography
  • Introduction to Close-Up and Macro Photography
  • Image Editing and Printing with Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Build a Photo Gallery Website to Share Your Photos
  • What Should I Buy? Selecting Photographic Equipment

If you would like more information on these classes, please leave a comment below or contact me at Unique Photo at 973-377-6454.


10 Responses to “Upcoming Photo Classes at Unique Photo”

  1. Rebecca Fong Says:

    I recently purchased a Canon G9 and was very excited to read that Unique Photo will be offering classes in digital imaging. Getting professional advise will help me to fully utilize all the features and functions of my new camera. I’m looking forward to taking better pictures and attending your classes.

  2. Alan Kaufman Says:

    I enjoyed your first class last night in Parsippany and look forward to the upcoming sessions. I do plan to take your Photoshop Elements course this spring.

  3. Karen Says:

    I attended your class in Parsippany. I would be very interested in taking your class on exposure and metering as well as attending some of your field trips.
    Karen Uy

  4. Debbie A Says:

    Hi Adam,
    Enjoyed first class at Parsippany. Expect to learn a lot

  5. Kathy Finno Says:

    I enjoyed your Tuesday night class in Parsippany and I’m really looking forward to learning how to better utilize the features of my camera, as well as how to take better pictures! I am also interested in taking a class on Photoshop Elements in the near future.


  6. Thomas McGrath Says:

    Please let me know the course schedule and the costs of each class.


  7. Laurie Says:

    Hi Adam! What a nice surprise seeing you again at Unique Photo. I am very interested in the May courses, especially Photoshop CS3 for advanced techniques as well as close-up and macro-photography.


  8. David Says:

    Hi – not sure when classes begin, etc. Want to buy photo lessons for my wife as a bday present. Please email me with information, thank you

  9. Aaron Says:


    Met you at the store today. I am very interested in learning more about the learning opportunities. Please email me more information.


  10. Walt Says:


    I enjoyed the conversation today and look forward to taking part in some of the upcoming classes at Unique. Particularly interested in the soon to come Nikon class with reference to the D3 and D300 cameras.

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