Canon Training Event, Coloradao Springs, CO

I recently had the opportunity to attend a training event sponsored by Canon in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The purpose of this event was to learn about the EOS 40D, Canon’s Digital Photo Professional Software, and their line of professional printers.

It was interesting to see how effective Canon has been in designing and integrating their cameras, editing software, and printers to work seamlessly together. From initial image acquisition, through photo editing to the printing of the final result, Canon is able to meet a photographer’s every need.

At this meeting, attendees were invited to a morning shoot at the Garden of the Gods Park in Colorado Springs. We were handed brand new EOS 40D cameras. My camera was shipped from Japan and carried serial number (30) along with any Canon lens we wanted to use. I chose a 24-105 IS L lens.

The new EOS 40D is a very impressive camera. The first things I noticed were its professional build quality, big viewfinder, and large 3” LCD. The camera felt great in my hands due to its size and rubber grip. I especially liked the way Canon designed the menu system and controls on this camera. A nice thing about the 40D and other EOS cameras is the level of image customization that Canon provides to the photographer. In the field, I was impressed on how quiet the shutter operated and how fast the continuous drive system worked. Equally impressive was the AF system, which has been further improved from the EOS 30D. Needless to say, the images I captured that morning were excellent in terms of resolution, color and contrast.

I enjoyed using Canon’s Digital Photo Professional Software which ships free with the EOS 40D and other EOS cameras. Digital Photo Professional is a RAW converter and imaging editing program which in many cases will meet all the needs of Canon photographers both amateur and professional. This software was so good I had little need to use Photoshop CS2, which was installed on my laptop computer.

I also had the chance to work with some of Canon’s professional printers: the PIXMA Pro9500, and the large format PROGRAF iPF6100. These printers turned out some great color prints that were dead-on accurate to my original files. The ability of the iPF6100 to print 16 bit files is a nice feature that helps improve the tonal gradations in a photograph. This was especially noticeable in how blue skies are rendered in landscape photos. The Pro9500 printer produced some of the nicest black and white prints I have ever seen from an ink jet system. Common to both printers was their speed and extremely quiet operation, which was a nice change from some other printers I have used in the past.












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