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Joseph Scheer: Confessions Of A Moth Man

August 22, 2003


Butterflies may get more press, but to Joseph Scheer, nothing is more beautiful than the misunderstood moth. By his own admission, he is obsessed with the moth and with the release of his book Night Visions—The Secret Designs of Moths, Scheer hopes to elevate

the status of this underrated insect. Scheer comes from a printmaking background, but like many contemporary artists, he has worked across many mediums:drawing, painting, and photographic processes, among others. He is not a scientist and had no formal training in biology or environmental science prior to his work with moths. But to hear him talk excitedly about the myriad species he has documented since 1998, you’d think thathe has been studying the moth for decades.cheer completed his graduatework in art at the University of New Mexico and joined the faculty of Alfred University in 1989. The next ten years was a time of rapid changefor the art world as the burgeoning technology of the era (Photoshop, publishing tools, etc.) became readily available. In response, Scheer and two of his colleagues founded the Institute for Electronic Arts in 1997 to expose students and faculty to opportunities in art and technology and to solicit grants from industry to fund the purchase of hardware and equipment. Scheer could never have imagined that the technology he was promoting would lead him to an in-depth study of this primal creature.