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Anne Geddes

March 22, 2003
Mention the word “baby” in the photographic world and one name immediately springs to mind: Anne Geddes. In just over a decade, this Australian-born entrepreneur has gone from running a portrait studio in New Zealand to becoming perhaps the world’s preeminent photographer of babies. She has published a wide array of books, greeting cards, calendars, datebooks, stationery, photo albums and recently launched her own line of baby clothing. According to her U.S. public relations firm, her work is published in more than 50 countries and her books have sold more than 15 million copies worldwide. “You’ve got to be very organized to do babies,” says this mother of two teenage daughters. “By the time they are in the studio, most of the work is done.” In this interview, conducted via the Internet because of Geddes’s demanding schedule, you will find out just how she does it..